thegrowspace is a team of people with a passion for helping children to flourish in an often challenging world.  We believe that all children and unique and that while some naturally flourish within a formal learning context such as a classroom, for others this can be their worst nightmare.  We are committed to helping the children who are at risk of disengaging from formal learning, or who are at risk of losing their self-confidence within formal learning environments. 


Lauren Powell

Managing Director

Educational Consultant

Lauren is a primary school teacher and mother of four children.  She has worked for many years as an Executive Teacher with a focus on Kindergarten and transitioning children into formal schooling.  She has also worked in one-on-one tutoring contexts with children diagnosed with learning difficulties and is passionate about building self-esteem and confidence where this has been eroded through ongoing struggle and challenge.

Greg Powell

Clinical Psychologist

Greg is a Clinical Psychologist and previously worked as a primary school teacher.  He has consulted widely with schools and individuals with a specific focus on assessment and diagnosis of hildren with social, emotionla, behavioural, and learning difficulties.  He is passionate about understanding the unique needs of children and ensuring that parents and schools have healthy and realistic expectations for children.  He is also passionate about ensuring evidence-based interventions are being provided.

Nikki Paratore

Provisional Psychologist

Educational Consultant

Nikki has worked as a teacher across all areas of primary, including as an executive member of staff overseeing Stage 1 of learning.  Working as a teacher has generated an interest in developmental psychology and helping others to find success as they grow and learn, highlighting the many different ways that this may look for each individual. She has recently completed her university training in psychology and has a passion for helping to support children who find the challenges of formal learning environments overwhelmingly complex.

We are passionate about helping children to flourish!  If your child is finding education challenging then please talk to us.


"My daughter hated school and wasn't learning to read like her classmates were.  the team at thegrowspace were able to diagnose her specific learning difficulty (reading disorder) and then worked with her and with me to help her to learn.  I wish I had Lauren as a teacher when I was a child - she is the perfect teacher!"

Sara - Avalon

"Nikki is amazing!  She helped our son to enjoy learning again and she also helped him to beat his anxiety.  I can't speak highly enough of Nikki.  Thank you so much!"

Eva and Manuel - Collaroy





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